Native American Belts and Native American Buckles
Our large selection of Native American belts and Native American buckles are made by some of the best Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Cherokee artists the Southwest has to offer. Utilizing Sterling Silver and stunning natural stones, the artists are able to craft beautiful pieces that are both stylish and practical. Concho belts are thought to originate from the hair ornaments of the Plains Indians and/or Mexican horse bridles. It is thought that concho belts were a way to wear one’s wealth with its Sterling Silver conchos. The Turquoise was later added on for its healing properties. We pride ourselves for carrying the best concho belts which are a true southwest statement piece. They are most seen worn over a dress or pants but we carry concho belts small enough to wear through pant loops. Linked concho belts are great for women because of their ability to be adjustable. Browse our extensive assortment of western buckles, ranger belts & buckles, and concho belts, and you will surely find something you love!