Custom Silver Pot by Alvin Vandever

The day is here! Alvin Vandever’s commissioned art is done, and shipped to it’s new home back east. This particular piece was commissioned when a client saw Alvin’s last award-winning silver pot at a show last year. Work began in late 2013, with Alvin sketching ideas and concepts, and collecting the silver needed to make…

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Sneak Preview: The Vandever Project

A piece of lego is being worked on by someone.

As many of you may remember a while back we highlighted a custom project by Alvin Vandever. The project, a large silver pot, went on to win top awards at several shows in the southwest, and was the largest project Alvin had ever attempted. Several months later, a request came though: someone had seen the pot…

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Award-Winning Silver Sculpture by Alvin Vandever

A silver sculpture of a ship with a man on it.

Alvin Vandever has a serious eye for detail–which is why we try to get ahold of his pieces whenever we can. Recently we were fortunate enough to have this piece with us before it goes on to its new home. This sculpture won Best in Category, Best in Class and First place at the Gallup…

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